On first listen, this came across as pure Lightning Bolt tribute band type material, just less spazzed out and more... I dunno, congealed? Should mention that it's Guitars/Drums and not Bass/Drums, but anyway, I've come to appreciate Gay Witch Abortion on their own terms and don't find fault in the remaining similarities. They provide a marvelous pulse quickening, yet dissonant and disorienting, carnival of souls type tilt-a-whirl for lovers of the extreme art of boundary demolition. This shit is gonna sound fresh for quite some time, like other great efforts made to open the third eye and squirt boiling Mountain Dew into it, like Godheadsilo's Skyward in Triumph or the Swans "Raping a Slave," but don't expect it to conquer the charts like DethKlok or whatever other weird grindcore/D-beat anomaly you'd care to name that's managed to snag a wide audience. They don't paint their faces, they barely ever sing, and they aren't from someplace sexy like Sweden, so you'll just have to be content to download their LP's when some jackass rips them to piratebay and catch them once every couple of years in some piss stained living room down by the railroad tracks. I'll see you at the next such event... [Learning Curve]

-Mike Stender

Maverick - Gay Witch Abortion


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