NO AGE Everything In Between CD/LP

No Age has been on a fast run. The SoCal duo, Dean Allen Spunt and Randy Randall, have only been putting out records as No Age since 2007.  While their prolific output has slowed over the last year and a half, they have built an impressive discography in such a short period. Everything In Between is their third full-length and follows four EPs and more than a half-dozen singles—all released on various labels both foreign and domestic.

The duo’s last full-length, 2008’s Nouns, seemed to be a culmination of everything No Age had been up until that point, including some of the residual hardcore edge that had carried over from Spunt and Randall’s days playing in Wives. Everything In Between retains much of what we have come to recognize as No Age while showing obvious signs of maturation: the ambient textures make an appearance at the end of side one and carry over and through the flip-side, the dirty sounding spikes of noisy intensity have been given a shine, and the short sharp get-in-and-out micro songs have been given legs. The record still retains its abstract, collage-like feeling that began with Weirdo Rippers, but Spunt and Randall have inserted a focus and drive that has produced a handful of catchy-as-fuck songs that solidify No Age as a contender.

Everything In Between is easily the most accessible No Age record to date, which should come as no surprise to those who have been following the band’s evolution. Spunt and Randall have always been on the verge of producing something defining and you especially get that feeling throughout Everything In Between. It’s only a matter of time before these guys create something that will place them among the indie pantheon. [Sub Pop]

-Troy Brookins

Everything In Between - No Age


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