Hasn’t Vivian Girls taught us anything, that if you garner enough hype they will come, doe eyed and vacant despite the actual music not being very good in the first place? I guess not.... Twenty years ago the riot grrrls channeled girl power by recycling Gloria Steinem and attempting to play like the boys while the current movement apes sixties girl groups without Phil Spector genius or the go-go boots. Sure, Kim Gordon and Kathleen Hanna will tell you that what was happening in the early nineties was important but you know, it really wasn’t, and neither is what’s happening today. You will remember Dum Dum Girls like you remember the what’s-their-names from Olympia as soon as you grow tired of being duped. [Sub Pop]

-Troy Brookins

I Will Be (Bonus Track Version) - Dum Dum Girls


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  1. Buckets says:

    Man, just, wow.

    Nothing redeeming?

  2. China says:

    Hrm. Hrm. I agree that the Dum Dum Girls probably won't be memorable twenty years from now, but I think even though there's nothing original about them, they at least write catchy pop songs. In defense of the girl group movement, how many male bands have been throwaway while contributing to some sort of genre movement? God knows I'd rather listen to a girl group ripoff than another male screamo band. I don't think the point of bands like this are to show any particular genius, but encourage women to say "fuck it, I'm starting a band," even if that DIY mentality arrived a bit later than with men, as punk at one point was male-dominated and not necessarily female friendly. I think riot grrrl and its spawns aren't necessarily about sounding like the boys but providing a welcoming atmosphere for women to say, "hell, I can start a band, too," even if the music is fluffy or contrived or redundant.

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