Hype can destroy any band. While pushing up sales to the general public, the seasoned listener (though such seasoning should anticipate any short-comings of the product) will almost always be let down.

Enter the Dum Dum Girls.

Helping the hype was their history (originally as a one woman project but now fully fledged) of releasing vinyl-only releases showcasing classic pop structures with doo-wop leanings and girl group cuteness.

Fans of those should rest easy as seemingly nothing has changed. Sure they have a big time producer in Richard Gottehrer (The Go-Gos, Blondie, among many others) but his swagger was held back to keep it lo-fi-ish, or faux-lo-fi? Whatever the case may be, audibly their backbones are still intact and the songwriting is as strong as ever.

Filling the listener's head with things such as poodle skirts, beach parties, and an idealistic love (that doesn't exist…. shhhhhh), all of the hype surrounding these ladies is well-deserved and the end product is a result of all's expectations: simple pop better heard on vinyl and party anthems that will be sure to keep a safe distance from partners so as to "twist" or "the snorkel" or whatever the hell they did back then. [Sub Pop]

-Luc Rodgers

I Will Be (Bonus Track Version) - Dum Dum Girls

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