TIMMY'S ORGANISM Rise of The Green Gorilla CD/LP

The Cloney-D’s drew blood on Jupiter. Human Eye opened up the salamandoors. Timmy’s Organism, we-he-he-hell! The terrific news here is that this is some of Timmy V. Lampinen’s finest work to date, a sonic summit of gorilla gardens and impregnated Martian Queens where the frenetic post-apocalyptic skree-punk of the Clone Defects meets the interstellar Ursa Minor prog-noise of Human Eye and finds common ground in a Hamtramck basement. Songs run the gamut from post-Defects howlers like “Pretty Stare” and “Give it to Me Babe” to the hey-you-know-what-this-could-be-a-soundtrack-to-some-Claymation-film-from-back-in-the-day-when-folks-were-still-learning-how-to-fuck-with-synthesizers sounds in “Building the Friend-Ship” and “Silver Mountain.”  Also, the smaller line-up showcases Lampinen’s incredible guitar playing—something that oftentimes got lost in the chaos, due to space noise, or extreme intoxication, or playing with some of the best rhythm sections in garage punk way back in the Aughts. Rise of the Green Gorilla is a kaleidoscopic mish-mash of sound and styles of everything avant-punk since 1968 or thereabouts. It’s the journey to Saturn’s rings via Jos Campeau Street, and still even more evidence that Detroit is producing the most excitingly strange, bar-raising free-skronk anywhere. [Sacred Bones]

-Brian Costello

Rise of the Green Gorilla - Timmy's Organism

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