Antony Hegarty largely remains a cult figure despite the accolades, Nina Simone comparisons and heavyweight endorsements from Bjork and Lou Reed. This should come as no surprise since we live in a culture that isn’t likely to embrace a hulking transgender spirit with an otherworldly voice. Lady GaGa can wear a dress made of meat and sell millions of downloads and no one blinks an eye while Hegarty, hardly controversial, looms in the wings waiting for the moment where he is recognized for a sublime talent that should eclipse sexuality and physical appearance. GaGa courts the gays, throws it in the face of America and sells out arenas wherever she lands. Hegarty is gay, doesn’t really flaunt it and probably can’t even get a gig at a bowling alley in the Midwest. I know that I’m preaching to the choir, and Antony Hegarty is far from alone, but it’s a shame that a talent like this isn’t recognized, celebrated and universally treasured. [Secretly Canadian]

-Troy Brookins

Swanlights (Deluxe Edition) - Antony & The Johnsons


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