TYVEK Nothing Fits CD/LP

Tyvek is the band the Tri-Lambs and Omega Mus should have started for the Talent Show in Revenge of the Nerds, and whether the nerds would have charmed the audience with their sounds or sent them running away in fear and panic is a moot point. Some are calling this their best release yet, and I can’t disagree. These short sharp shocks (12 songs: 26 minutes) are less like Revenge of the Nerds and more like “Revenge of the Nerdy Post-Post-Post-Punks,” and the revenge is a lot more violent, like, instead of putting Liquid Heat in the jocks of the Alpha Beta frat, this is the sound of the nerds stabbing neo-emo-Pete Wentz-types with their guyliner.  It’s a mighty fine Tyrade-ish liberation cacophony these guys and lady get up to, and not enough bands can really and truly pull this off.  Right when you think this kind of post-anthemic post-everything stompy stomp yawping sound is finished… kaput… whhhhhiped by a buncha goddamn punks…. a record like Nothing Fits comes along to show there’s still some life in the art-damaged broad yet. [In The Red]

-Brian Costello

Nothing Fits - Tyvek

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