MX-80 I’ve Seen Enough CD

A sad day for Davey. One of my favorite bands succumbs to... I don’t know what, cuz they sure as hell can’t sell out. This is a loose, simple, textural record ruined by lazy songcraft, horrid lyrics, little real interplay, no fire or inspiration and a bizarre lack of variety. I mean what’s with all the dull, slow shit? And friggin’ Bruce Anderson is neutered, replaced in the mix by some embarrassing keyboard twaddle. I was gonna go on a bit about their past triumphs but forget it, I’m just too bummed. MX-80 were heavy like certain metals and metallic like certain chemicals. Now they’re just flat, bland off-brand ginger ale. What happened guys? Was the hiatus too long? Are you gearing up maybe, like the Yankees in the first two home games of the 1996 World Series? This record’s like the last Atlanta foul pop out. Hey MX-80—hows about hittin’ one out of the park for me? [Atavistic]

-Dave Rick


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  1. john says:

    You're nuts. Great CD.

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