Yet another score for Shadoks in 2010, the epitome of collector’s market, rare psychedelic LP reissue labels presents with such meticulous love, curatorial genius, and actual legit licensed pathways. Starting in the 90’s as the Ten Little Indians label and offering prequels to future Shadoks full-length releases via the Love, Peace, and Poetry compilation series. Putting out the legit Moses Changes LP was certainly a blessing only worthy of this label. As others, i.e. boots, had only covered some of the basics for this rare jewel of late 1969 Danish Blues Boom Hard Psych crushers. The Spectator label 1970 originals don’t even rate much on at $700 almost 5 years ago, as few have turned hands in recent years on the eBay market. Realistically, this fails to reflect the Holy Grail status this LP garners and as they say on Antiques Roadshow, “on a good day this may fetch…?” Psych LPs have gone through the roof in the last couple years, so who knows.

Changes is freaked and fuzzed out to the max track after track after track, heavily blues derived but don’t let that scare you off. Moses is a snot fueled punked psych power trio that would surely delight any early Blue Cheer freaks, or devout fans of that frenzied raved up Yardbirds sound. Lyrically tapping into tales of overdosed hippies set to heavy spine snapping backbeat, heaps of snarling guitars that’ll wind you up to pop, if you’re not properly “tuned.” The angst this psycho-mutha-fugga throbs out could turn a gentle day into a picture window smashing head banging afternoon if you’re in a rattling mood, especially after a couple of beers, so beware. All in all, this is a killer ’69 Scandinavian Hard Psych Behemoth of the upper echelons, dig?

Wanna hear it? Try the economy route and dig up the Shadoks CD. For deep cats, you know you need $50-60 for the LP version. For secret society psych collector junkies, you’ll wait, and wait, and wait… [Shadoks Music]

-C.R.N. Psychgeek


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