DEAD MEAT "The King" 7" EP + "Early Recordings"

It's quite a shame that AmRep and Touch and Go don't put out records anymore. I mean, although AmRep and Touch and Go seemingly owned all the spots on the banks of  "Hating People Accompanied By Loud Guitars Swamp," it looks like Dead Meat could have a better plot than both of them.

There's points where you can't distinguish between these songs and... say... early Jesus Lizard, but then there's a subtle dressing of guitar that puts the caviar on the cheeseburger and you realize these dudes are ahead of the game.

These songs drive honest and true, a '78 Buick with new alignment and no rims.  Not the goofy funny car with flames normally attached to this feeling.  There is something about songs like the fight-or-flight anthem "Fuck Amsterdam" that cascades in a way modern music rarely does. When half the songs on your EP seem like they're falling down a hill coming straight for you, I'd say you've gotten the job done right.

If you think you're a misanthrope, this is essential listening. If you think it's been done better before, have fun at the library. [Flingco Sound System]

-Alan Price

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