Not content with simply putting the Sunshine State on the musical map for rock and roll jerks the whole world over, Florida’s Dying comes through again by reaching all the way to the opposite side of the continent to Vancouver, the home of Dead Ghosts, who deliver a debut album of sweet, sweet sway and peppermint twists like we did last summer and hopefully this summer too and all summers hereafter. That being said, this isn’t as easily pigeonholed (“You know? Jangly reverb and gang-dude vocal bellowing that proves flower punk’s not dead…”) as you might think. But the danciness of the thing—as corny as that might sound, in an American Bandstand rating system kind of way—is the most common thread. Seriously—if this record doesn’t want to make you dance, you’re either irrevocably stupid, and/or you’re a double amputee, and if either/both is the case, I’m sorry. It’s the different evergreen rocknroll idioms they’re working with that makes this stand out. They’re definitely down with the same spirit as bands like KK/BBQ, Half Rats, Yolks, and Box Elders, from today, and everything that worked in Back From The Grave bands from the past. Sometimes, you expect someone to yell “Lookoutlookoutlookout!” as the locomotive veers off of dead man’s curve, other times, you realize the house you thought was haunted is a ghost town with echoes of country western twang, and still other times you expect to see the cherubic ghost of Brian Jones shaking maracas. This also portends well for the future of Dead Ghosts. They have the potential to continue moving and evolving in some exciting directions. Have a listen and see if you don't agree... [Florida's Dying]

-Brian Costello


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