If you like the Twilight Singers, you’ll love Dynamite Steps. If you’re not already a fan, this won’t change your mind. Dynamite Steps picks up where Powder Burns left off and takes it a step further.

As with all Twilight Singers records, it begins quiet and a little slow with “Last Night In Town” and continues with songs that are sadly evocative of better times, discouraging but not completely without hope.  The record really takes off when it reaches “Get Lucky,” possibly one of the best songs Greg Dulli has ever written. When he sings “Careful when you look into my eyes, you’ll turn to stone,” it comes across as both a confession and a threat.

“On the Corner” takes a cheesy Casio-sounding rhythm machine and adds a piano riff that turns the song into an anthem a la Teenage Wristband. From there Dynamite Steps delivers one outstanding song after another, with every song creating an entirely different mood and no two songs sounding the same.  Chalk up another classic for the Twilight Singers. [Sub Pop]

-Amy Yates Wuelfing


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