After listening to Not Yet multiple times, and really trying to like it, I’m convinced that Monotonix have once again failed to live up to their live performances. Granted, it’s a tall order to fill but an important one nonetheless if you plan on keeping people interested. Without the ape-shit, frenetic energy that the band brings to the stage, as well as the floor, there’s nothing to really get excited about. The opening track “Nasty Fancy” gets you all hot and bothered, thinking that they finally nailed it, but after the first few songs Not Yet starts to sound the same and I don’t care what comes next. [Drag City]

-Troy Brookins


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  1. Ido says:

    Couldn't agree more.

    A total GODHEAD show, but very loose album. again.

    band is (or rather was, since they've broken up now) a hypemachine on stage a fucking bore on headphones.

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