J.C. SATAN Sick of Love CD/LP

Hey look! This here is the 100th release from Slovenly, and boy oh boy, it’s a veritable Hickory Farms smorgasbord of prismatic psychedelia, paired with enough shoegaze shimmer and contemporary garage-pop to give it a sound more modern than you would naturally assume. In a recent review of the new X-Ray Eyeballs album, Pitchfork (who are never full of shit) wrote, “anyone expecting a garage band to reinvent the wheel is expending far too much mental effort." Of course, it is this type of dismissive condescension one would expect from people who prefer to circle jerk around the latest recording of Thom Yorke’s queafs,  so no big surprise there, but pointedly, “reinventing the wheel” is a faulty paradigm, no matter the genre, because bands like JC Satan (and X Ray Eyeballs, and Nobunny—for that matter), like the best music of the last sixty years, use the inspiration of influence and reformulate it into something new, something unique. And that’s what the French and the Italians who comprise J.C. Satan are getting up to here—from the “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” echo chamber horrors of “The Day” to the Pet Sounds-like jantiness of “Odyssey of Love,” the Os Mutantes moods of “Your Place” to the T-Rex-static glam boogie vibe of “Morning After Love.” A lot of ground is covered here, and while some will say (like Johnny Strawman, staff writer for The New England Journal of My Ass) that this is “well-worn ground treaded upon by uninventive wheels,” is pretty misguided; broad assertions made by the kind of folk who always prove themselves to be the same kind of people who aren’t much fun to be around, and moreover, as a rule, not half as intelligent as they think they are. If you haven’t yet (you haven’t have you?), pick this up. [Slovenly]

-Brian Costello


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  1. Holly says:

    Thanks for reviewing this - would've totally flown under my radar otherwise! I've pretty much given up on Pfork's "rock" coverage. They consistently laud awful wink wink hipster sh*t & wrinkle their collective noses at the good stuff. Who the heck is their audience?

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