Full disclosure, I'm a bit of a sucker for modern-psych of the BJM ilk. And these boys from Lansing, MI ride that wave a bit, while addin' in a host of garage and psych touchstones of the Nuggets/Pebbles/Boulders variety, dosed with a little surfy reverb and modern garage muck to keep the variety factor flowin'. The once mammoth and currently much-hyped HoZac Records pressed this piece of black magic and it serves subtle victories, but shows more potential than it packs potent pummel. Akin to their 70s/80s forbearers of the "revival" variety they pack a musically worthy wollop but fail in the same manner, which is memorable songwriting. Little of this material stays with you after each tune runs its time, but there are moments where it all coalesces and makes the spin worthy: "Led as One", "Axe Man", "Keeper (of Souls)" and "The Surf" are all crazed contenders worth repeated listens and hopefully point towards a band to watch inside and outside of 12 inches. But, 4 tracks does not an LP make.

The album is emblematic of the current state of HoZac Records, which needs suspenders for those big britches. Once an indie with fine-tastes of which the under-public clamored for every eruption, with expansion the quality quotient has drastically dwindled. Let's get back to the days of "ketchup and mustard punk" and "glue wave" and ditch the humdrum 90s indie/C86/twee worship everyone else is wavin' the flag for, humble HoZac helmers. [HoZac]

-Jeremy Cargill


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