First, the bad news—by the time you read this It Still Rankles will be next to impossible to find. Now, the good news—I found a copy! Convulsive only pressed 500 LPs (CDs? What CDs?) so run now or kick yourself later.

If you haven’t heard, this white-hot UK five-piece embraces seventies post punk in the neighborhood of Swell Maps, Magazine and The Fall (if fronted by Billy Childish). The music is immediately reminiscent, but the obvious nod isn’t a deterrent—it’s a welcome change and offers hope that music just might get interesting again. There had been a certain stagnancy that stifled the latter 00s. The beginning of the decade was full of surprises but the last few years it seemed as if complacency had taken hold. Fortunately, The Pheromoans take chances and deliver an exciting, ramshackle cool that sets them apart from everyone. There aren’t many who have successfully mined this period and made it their own. It Still Rankles changes that. [Convulsive Records]

-Troy Brookins

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