BLACK LIPS Arabia Mountain CD/LP

Watching your flower-punk little brothers grow up before your eyes can be difficult at times. They ruin shit you really like (100 Million Thousand),  have moments where you think they might be cooler than you even though they’re ten years younger (Let It Bloom), and then there’s the moment you realize that your little piss and shit factory has become a man.  Despite Arabia Mountain’s terrible title, scurrilous use of saxophone, and Mark Ronson the Black Lips turn one in that will probably put the questions of their prowess to bed.  The record opens with a straight burner in "Family Tree" featuring the aforementioned sax.  Without it you’d have a vintage Lips tune in all Cole’s hoarse glory, but you can’t mark them for trying to put that shit to bed as well.   From there on the record stays strong and doesn’t lack the oh-so-clever attitude that we’ve come to know from the Atlanta boys. Hell, they even have a song about the Braves mascot. For a band like the Black Lips who are certainly realizing that compromises are part of the game once you leave the loft show scene, Arabia Mountain certainly sounds like them and not the Showbiz Pizza band playing their songs which is a relief. Arabia Mountain is an impressive record and tunes like "Raw Meat," "New Direction," and "Dumpster Dive" are ones that will stick around for a while… in your head and likely in a larger sense as well.  It’s easy to hate these dudes, but that’s just jealousy getting the best of you. Just let them do their thing. [Vice]

-Alan Price

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