I expected nothing and received a whole lot, the equation that we all crave. Consider this 6-piece of Aussies a gift from the last five decades, as it winds through a brain-bending 10 songs with Beefheart-like mindlessness. Their roots are showing at every turn; Velvets-ish "The Gift" production rip on “Inner North” where disparate voices blare from each side, and the outright Pussy Galore slur of “Burn that Cat” which is the most jolly notion I’ve heard in a while: “Burn that cat/burn that cat, burn that cat/burn that cat/kill it with cocaine/burn that cat.” And when the sax rescues the refrain, I crave another round of it.

It’s a gawdblessed racket the whole 50-minutes through—which reminds me; On what planet are bands supposed to be imposing 50 minutes of music on us at a snap? Really, wasn’t 35-40 about the right measure before someone decided that CDs hold more, therefore we need more? At any rate, The UV Race can get it up and keep it up for most of Homo. A messy dirty bunch that we should love. [In The Red]


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