The blessing and curse of surviving a buncha decades is you’ve heard it all before. The knowledge and ability to correctly contextualize something can be mighty cool. But the ennui that can infect your listening experiences can be a drag.

Idle Times sound utterly right—they shove various 60’s rock stylings through the cyclotron of conscientiously frenzied performances, with the amp settings and microphone placements—and that includes the vocal mics adjusted to generate “X” amount of noise and distortion. It’s a guaranteed formula for producing some soul-stirring hooch-a-ma-cooch. As has been proven, via various variegated retentions by The Ramones, Cramps, Lord High Fixers, DM Bob, Black Lips, ad nauseam. If all these names are new to you then I recommend the Idle Times MOST HIGHLY to ye. Take this out in a junker car, crank the volume, crack some cold ’uns  (except for the person driving said car, of course) and LIVE. If the above names are familiar friends, as 5th Ward Weebie sez: “You already know!” [HoZac]

-Howard Wuelfing

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