DEMON'S CLAW The Defrosting of Walt Disney CD/LP

Montreal's Demon’s Claw hearkens back to the time when the 60’s revolution moved from big city university campuses to trailer parks and filling stations whilst the drugs of choice shifted from pot and Owsley purple to tuinols and ephedrine-soaked cotton balls cracked outta asthma inhalers.

Demon’s Claw takes elements of stock garage-rock and the high energy ramalama that immediately succeeded it and determinedly dumb it all down. What results is virulent, nasty, barbaric, bad tempered proto-metal that Phil Anselmo might use as a soundtrack for cat hangings. This is some ugly, not especially well-crafted shizz which is what makes it kinda glorious! These guys clearly couldn’t color within the lines if their miserable lives depended on it and thus, convention is casually set afire and pissed on. The singing’s always strained and never quite in key; the guitars are minutely out-of-tune and consistently acid-splooged with discord. Insane all the way. [In The Red]

-Howard Wuelfing


This is as far from the Strokes poodle-y alt rock as ya get

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