COLOURMUSIC My _______ is Pink CD/LP

I judged this by its cover. I looked at the press-issue cardboard cover that read “Memphis Industries” at the top and pulled it from a stack of five other nameless CDs and made it first pick for no other reason than that I liked its visual vibe.

And the sounds come to please, a Brit-influenced stack of swirling guitars and echo-drenched voices, of stuttering choruses of drums and the occasional dip into melancholy piano tinkling reflection. I think at some points of My Bloody Valentine, Blur and, on a couple, whatever good U2 has done. Colourmusic spreads itself thin, though, as it genre-hops and changes the mold on each tune. Sometimes I think they could have done 13 CDs, one based on each song. By the end of the 54 minutes of CD, I’m aurally taxed. I really want to look at the cover some more, and think about what I was sure it would sound like—an austere, sometimes scary burst of linear noise. Next time, next time.  [Memphis Industries]


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