CRAFT. As in arts and crafts? What happened to names like Torsofuck, Watain, Cannibal Corpse (Jim Carrey's favorite band), Molten (made this up) or Gigantomachy (looked up Hades in Wikipedia?). Aren't you supposed to out extreme each other? And they're Swedes.

What's wrong, not feeling good?

Six years in the making Void bears fully-ripened fruit however:  Homerically long songs, unorthodox, painstaking arrangements and narcotic riffs on this here record. The singing is lame though. I can't help thinking if someone else (merely) karaoked along, it would be ridiculously good and probably appeal to a great swath of people (like, girls) as opposed to the marginal niche these guys probably find themselves in. I know you're suppose to be evil and everything but use your voice as an instrument once in a while. Pretty avant stuff, I know.
Nevertheless, behold the chorale samples and the soaring, crunchy leitmotif-y semi-leads. Holy shit, is that Olympus below (which reminds me, do Greek Black Metal bands wail about Greek mythology or is the genre solely Teutonic?).

High on Fire comes to mind once in a while (sort of where grunge and metal intertwine here) and Gorgoroth is a likely antecedent. Some novel use of guitar effects (for Black Metal) make these guys kind of sound like Killing Joke sometimes too. But then the singing again…grampa up all night on mead—grouchy, impotent, and can't stop bitching (blown vocal chords be damned).

And "Leaving the Corporal Shade"— wouldn't that be better as "…Corporeal"? Maybe I don't get Black Metal at all.

Craft. Heh. [Southern Lord]

-Jeff Mooridian Jr.


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    You and I are not "supposed" to.

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