PINK REASON Shit In The Garden CD/LP

It has been a few years since Kevin Failure released Pink Reason’s debut Cleansing The Mirror and while, over the years, he was kind enough to offer a few singles here and there, nothing comes close to what Failure has accomplished with Shit In The Garden. Much has been written about Failure’s depression and how it has shaped his music. It’s obvious after listening for a few minutes that you’re not dealing with a guy who’s life is filled with sunshine and rainbows. Pink Reason is dark. You feel the despair. The explosive, buzzed-out guitar wail on “Sixteen Years” is heartbreakingly beautiful and the crawling beat in “Here On In” bleeds agony. You feel for the guy but realize that what is born from Failure’s problems is why we're here. There would be no Pink Reason, as we have come to appreciate it, if it wasn’t for Failure’s inner turmoil. While it’s true that only suffering comes from suffering—sometimes we get some great art out of it as well. And Shit In The Garden is no exception. [Siltbreeze]

-Troy Brookins


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