Singer-guitarist and former Selby Tiger Nathan Grumdahl, alongside drummer Jeff Brown, has put together an EP that serves as the Bombay Sweets' big debut, “big” being a relative term, as this six-song set clocks in at fifteen minutes. The pair offers a style of rockabilly that's got very little of the attitude that typically comes with the genre, albeit most of the catchiness and grace.

Grumdahl has a voice that's simultaneously timid and worn around the edges, about as raspy as it ought to be, perhaps younger than it ought to sound, as well, and this soft quality topping off the music might be what makes it difficult to grab onto these songs right off the bat. No, there's not much innovation here. But the EP is a grower as well as easily palatable, and the details behind the music are what build it up to a more impressive status – the bass pedal, the standing drum kit, gorgeous and precise surf guitar, and, naturally, a beautiful analog recording, for warmth. This release is by no means a loud attention grabber, but it may in fact make a fine lead-in to a welcome full-length. [The Bombay Sweets]

-China Bialos


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