Totimoshi’s latest, Avenger, is a cannily conceived and executed, and ultimately a wholly pleasant listening experience.  They have reintegrated the multiple strains of style that grew out of 1970 era hard/heavy music into a solid but stylish statement. So most songs ALL bear hints of acid-rock psychedelicism in the lead guitar work, the dramatic and somewhat campy vocal stylings of glitter/glam rock, a penchant for piquant and cogent blues-rock riffage all delivered with a measured heaviness that blends it all together into a pleasant but muscular whole.

I’m especially grateful for the vocal presence which is impassioned but tuneful and conveys a sense of personality beyond current metal convention. First of all, that genre has produced a homogeneity of style that is both tedious and seemingly in contradiction to the rebel/badboy stance effected by underground metallers. Moreover, having peeked behind the curtain of rock band personae a little too long, the pretense of metal singers who seek to evoke a mead-crazed battle troll—while spending offstage time in a kitten-filled studio apartment with nose habitually buried in some fantasy book or LARPing script—just feels preposterous and somewhat pathetic. Totimoshi’s vocalist sounds hale, hearty, not afraid to stand-out and sound relatively distinctive, if not a bit off his rocker. Just my cup of meat. [At A Loss]

-Howard Wuelfing


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