While consulting Mr. Google about Las Ardillas, I found an article all about the fauna of Puerto Rico, wherein there was this:

“A species of mongoose (mangosta) thrives in the countryside. They are often referred to incorrectly as ardillas (squirrels). Some learn to approach humans for food scraps. They should not be fed and it is advisable to stay away from them. Their bite can infect a person with rabies. The bite should be treated immediately by a physician.”

I guess that could open up any number of corny metaphorical possibilities about this debut album (“I’m foamin’ at the mouth, dudes!”), another rowdy Boricua rock punk pop howl-blast—this one featuring two members of Davila 666—but that quote seems to say it all, and you can fill in your own conclusions about how that connects to the music.

It’s a bit more rock-pop than the pop-garage bounce of Davila. Lots of anthemic shouting, straight-ahead propulsion, and there should be no doubts that they will be a lot of fun live. Not to get too much into the inevitable comparisons between this and Davila 666, but it is enjoyable to hear this departure (not a radical departure, but still) when it didn’t take much to suspect that Davila 666’s members had the talents and musical knowledge to try different sounds. Check out the guitar solos in “Encerrado!” Check out the guitar solos, period. Davila dropped enough hints in the songs (once you got past the initial explosiveness of the live shows) that they had quite a few tricks up their sleeve.

All in all, Puerto Rico is putting out some ecstatic, impassioned, and thrilling music, and Las Ardillas is the latest to emerge in this inspiring trend. [ChaCho]

-Brian Costello

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