Weird. Here I was thinking that the spirit of the Big Boys would be misunderstood for the rest of time.  Sure, there’s ways to go after what the Big Boys sound like and maybe even cop some of their attitude, but this is some spirit channeling shit here with Apache Dropout.  They sound like genuine outcasts and genuine record nerds. Not the kind of kids that blow smoke about shit everyone likes, but the kinda kids that got into bad SST records and latter day Die Kreuzen.

I was about to write these dudes off just by seeing their name (mature, I know), but their new self-titled record is that slimy kinda clever that makes you a bit confused.  Shout-outs to rock and roll pioneer Sam Phillips, vocals that sound kinda like the Feederz, and the production quality of a high-end boombox.  Kudos to Apache Dropout for making interesting music because I seriously can’t remember the last record I listened to that had surprises on it.

Also, I can’t remember the last time I heard a “lo-fi” record that actually benefited from lower fidelity.  The hiss and clutter on this record is an asset, not a clever disguise and much in the same way that earlier Tall Dwarfs used the recording style as an instrument, Apache Dropout muddy up all the right parts.

"Cha Cha" and "Dry Basement" are highlights, the latter being the best stab at this New Zealand revival shit without even trying.

Just a cool fucking record. [Family Vineyard]

-Alan Price


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