ATLAS SOUND “Parallax” b/w “Oh Ricky”

The Bradford Cox machine never rests. He’s the motherfucking Prince of indie rock. I’d give that title to Robert Pollard but he’s not weird enough. The A-side is lifted straight off the LP of the same name but the B-side is what makes this 7” interesting. There are two tracks on the B-side but you don’t know which one you’re going to get until the needle hits. I don’t know how to explain it but it has to do with parallel cutting heads or parallelograms or voodoo. It doesn’t really matter. If you dig Atlas Sound don’t sleep on this one. [4AD]

JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD “Whatever I Want” b/w “Everything I Want”

I love you Jeff the Brotherhood. Your music is great. Your live shows rock. But when it comes to 7” records, you guys are assholes. There is nothing exclusive on any 7” you have ever released. Why? There has to be something we’ve never heard. Throw us a bone. Earn your six bucks. I hesitate to say that both of these tracks rock my socks off because I’m sure that these will end up on a forthcoming record. I know that I should mention that Jack White plays organ on “Whatever I Want” but what’s really important is that the flip side, a Tiger B. Smith cover, rates with the best that Jeff the Brotherhood has to offer. [Third Man]

MOUTH BREATHERS “Anxiety” b/w “The Creeper”

These four guys, maybe it’s three guys and a dad based on the jacket drawing, hail from Lawrence, Kansas (wherever that is). All I know is that these boys, and a possible dad, hit the rock’n’roll sweet spot. Reverb drenched vocals that reek of swagger spiked with a sonic reducer kick and I’m drooling. That’s just the A-side. The flip is a nice compliment that lets loose with a pounding gut punch that keeps hitting from all angles. Don’t worry, it’s a good relentless. Where’s the full-length? [In The Red]

OBN IIIs “Mark on You” b/w “Heavy Heart”

How presumptuous to issue a double B-side 7”.  It’s almost as bad as your elusive band name. Fucking elitists. I’ll bet you’re from Austin. Because of your self-imposed superior ways I wanted to hate your 7” but instead I must admit how wrong I was to judge. Both tracks are rock and roll gold. “Mark on You” spits fire and kicks balls like Arthur Brown meets the Hair soundtrack while “Heavy Heart” is raw but catchy as fuck. You have won. Buy this. [Tic Tac Totally]

PUJOL “Angelbaby” b/w “Over-The-Counter Culture Jam”

Really? I’ve seen Pujol live and they never sucked this bad. Both tracks blow and I’m feeling dirty—like some one stole from me. Pujol, your clear vinyl didn’t seduce me and I want my six minutes and six bucks back. This is a perfect example why 7”s should only be $3.00. [Velocity of Sound]



REAL ESTATE “It’s Real” b/w “Blue Labaron”

The A-side is the same version of “It’s Real” found on Real Estate’s latest Days. If you haven’t checked it out you should—it’s awesome pussy rock. Not the kind you play when you want some, but the kind you play when you are one. The B-side is an okay instrumental but nothing special. Definitely not worth kicking down six bucks when you can spend a little more than twice that for Days. [Domino]



WOODS/KURT VILE "The Great Shark Hunt"

This tour only 7” justifies charging more than three bucks for a 7”. Both Woods and Vile offer exclusive tracks that aren’t toss offs. Woods starts with the LP worthy “Skull” and follows up with the brief “Cold Blue”—a subtle, complimentary come down from the previous track. Kurt Vile continues his Midas touch with three acoustic tracks that start off with an upbeat slice of Cole Porter’s “Don’t Fence Me In,” re-titled “Commercial Reject,” and end with the ambient “Water Fingers.”  A definite must for fans of both bands but not recommended as an entry-level purchase. [Woodsist]

-Troy Brookins

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