THE LOST DOMAIN Blondes Chew More Gum 2xLP

Brisbarbarian no-fi sludge-drone from 1995 cassette re-issued. This is the first ever vinyl pressing of The Lost Domain's sprawling Blondes Chew More Gum, brought to us by the inestimably tune-wise blokes down (under) at Negative Guest List.  Featuring a lineup of three drummers, a very uncorked Dave MacKinnon yowling electric guitar, and mumbled spoken vocals from Simon Ellaby.  The groove here is deep, distant, astral, tribal, and yet immediate, like somebody field recorded a gutter-punk drum circle on one of the moons of Saturn.  Fans of the Axemen, Greg Ginn instrumental Black Flag tracks, Ya Ho Wa 13-style tribal chant psych, and blackout drinking should definitely check out this epic of loose, fuzzed out and spacious group-gropes. [Negative Guest List]

-Paula Permanent

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