HUMAN EYE They Came From The Sky LP/CD

Yes, we’ve lionized John Brannon to death here in Michigan, sticking him on the cover of the esteemed collection of Touch & Go Fanzine and otherwise ensuring that he grabs a brass ring along with Iggy.  But there’s plenty of room for another fucked up and empowered leader, and that may be Timmy Vulgar. Let’s do a cred check real quick, a la Timmy, waxing on the beginning:  “We’d go see Bantam Rooster; we’d go see The Henchmen and The Dirties, The Go; and just be like, “Wow.”  And so then my girlfriend at the time dumped me, and I got real bummed out, so I was like, “Man, I want to start a band.” "

Cue “Rocky” music for his ascendance.

Vulgar lives in a record cave in Hamtramck, and the day I walked in Alice Cooper’s Easy Action was sitting at the front of the vinyl stack.

Listen to They Came From The Sky and it makes sense. Vulgar gets it.  Take what was, filter it through some shit, and kick it back.

More from Timmy:

Q: When did Human Eye form?

Timmy:  “Well, when we first started we played our first show; I think we just played like a basement show.  And I was like, “Let’s just start out like how I’ve always started out my punk bands—let’s play a fuckin’ basement show first.”  And so we played a couple basement shows and I’m like, “All right.  Cool.  We’re ready to play somewhere else that’s a little bigger.”  So, just to break in the band a little bit.  So then we played the Garden Bowl, which is downstairs at the Magic Stick, and it was full, packed, crazy like. Probably like two hundred people in there to see Human Eye play because they’re like, ‘It’s Timmy from the Clone Defect’s new band.  Let’s check it out.’“

Man, I read Ramones' early interviews into all of this. Timmy is so smart he’s dumb. As most genius is. [Sacred Bones]



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