More brilliant storming shitrock from Portland stalwarts RABBITS on their sophomore Good To Die effort (last one was on Relapse)... someone stated recently that these guys were spearheading an AmRep revival sort of thing, and while I concur that XXL Hazelmyer would probably nod in the positive to this, it ain't that cut and dried (of course). To me there's elements of Cali/all most desert Palm Springs sounds in attendance, but much more sped up and aggro hateful, like some mean, ratty pissed off uncles of Fu Manchu from up north of the redwood/good bud curtain. I like this a little better than the last one, and that surprises me, but I shall accept that I do... "Meth Valley 99" = brilliant, and closing with Husker Du's "What's Going On" isn't exactly dumb either... yeah, going to see these guys about 12 times in the last couple of years has definitely been worth it! [Good To Die]

-Mike Stender


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  1. Nik says:

    This record is being released on Seattle's Good to Die Records NOT Relapse. http://www.goodtodierecords.com. Thanks for reviewing.

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