RIPPER Into Oblivion LP

This young and freshity-fresh metal band from Portland have put out a really cool item here, a nice vinyl long-player wrapped up in a sweet gate fold dust jacket full of black and gloomy D and D artwork and foresworn grim mumblings that fit just right, selling for the Dischord friendly price of 12 bucks in record stores around town. Once the needle drops, the conclusion is unavoidable: these guys (and female) like Motorhead A LOT, but that's fine, they acquit themselves very well, the soloing and song structure is spot on, and I can attest that the live show is exactly as it should be—gloriously bullet belted and crusty. Only quibble is that the sound is a little boomy/bottom heavy, maybe in the mastering, and possibly a touch slow, but overall this is a fine and probably collectible debut, get one...[Black Water Records, PO Box 5223 Portland OR 97208-5223]

-Mike Stender

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