Thanks, Timmy. Everyone kind of expected you to save garage rock again like you did with Human Eye. Even then it was kind of a stretch and you probably didn’t really save it, per se. You just made it interesting again, like Alice Cooper did with Killers so again, a big thank you is in order....

Timmy’s trip is weird, funny, clever, and best of all… interesting. I can’t remember the last time I heard a record from some one that rolled within the bloated “garage” scene that even came close to touching new ground.  This doesn’t just touch it, it smears crotch rot on it.

Songs like the faux-football anthem “Mind Over Matter” and the straight up cruiser “Unhook My Leash” have a stone cold lock on the chant-y stomp-y grooves that set this one far apart from other groups where weirdness and noise precede songwriting.  Timmy can do both and it’s clear on this that he’s pushing further into the hooks and arranging that make the off kilter bands of the 70s so en vogue right now. Nobody is getting the recipe right except Timmy and I doubt he’s even trying.

Wish more kids just had fun and made records like this or were creative enough to even try. [In The Red]

-Alan Price


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