DIAMOND TERRIFIER Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself CD/LP

There’s been an awful, and I mean AWFUL, lot of New Age resurgence going on lately. Aside from a few key players (Terry Riley, Steve Reich, etc) and their influences/influences, the world doesn’t really need New Age recordings The world would be a lot better off if everyone who owned a few hundred bucks worth of New Age records owned a MicroKorg and a 9-volt battery instead (the 9-volt is for holding the keys down while you step away to meditate or whatever).

Thankfully, Kill The Self… isn’t all New Age. It’s part New Age (which is enough), part Free Jazz horn solo, part Celtic harpsichord pluck, part textured drone fest, part glitch electro, and ALL terrible. I’m pretty sure Alphaville’s “Forever Young” gets sampled on the title track and it’s reprise. Not good.

Diamond Terrfier (aka Sam Hillmer) is a confused individual. Maybe he does it on purpose, but there could definitely be a personality disorder in play here. This eclectic mix of influences would barely be listenable separated and is completely obnoxious blended together. I recommend ADD treatment at the very least.

The band name, album title, and the ridiculous music contained within this disc’s binary code have me wondering if this is a comedy record. Maybe the joke’s on me for listening to it more than once.

Only Daniel Higgs can get away with doing shit like this. [Northern Spy]

-Arsenic Blare


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