GAY WITCH ABORTION Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior LP

Gay Witch Abortion's guitarist can probably communicate with humpback whales through his amp.  Throughout this album, he makes some glorious noise, the likes of which would be incredibly difficult to replicate.  Take that, GWA tribute bands of the future!  After whale talking for a minute or so, this two-piece ventures into heavy blues for the first actual "song" on the album.  Semi-surprising in hindsight, as nothing else here sounds remotely like anything the Black Keys might've done in 2002.  To be fair, Gay Witch Abortion shares a lot more in common with Lightning Bolt than they do with the Black Keys—thank fucking Christ.  These guys make a hell of a lot of noise with just two instruments, but that doesn't excuse the lack of bass.  There's a reason rock music is traditionally played with at least three instruments, but I don't have to tell YOU that, do I?  I understand why people form duos, but I always find myself listening to them and thinking how much better they would sound with the missing link.  Whatever.  Semantics, right?  The fact of the matter is, is that Gay Witch Abortion doesn't have a bassist and they do a hell of a job hiding it.  Maybe, just maybe, a bassist would distract from how great a guitar player Jesse Bottomley is.  Jesse did a great job of distracting this listener from how excellent a drummer Shawn Walker is, at least for a little while.  Two's company, three's a crowd, they say.  Seriously though…get a bassist.  Even Albini knows it's better to be without a drummer, but he also knows how good Gay Witch Abortion is.  Apparently, Shellac just invited GWA to play ATP—that's the 411 from FB, BTW.  Now that's efficiency and efficiency is what duo's are all about.  Lack of bass guitar is really my only complaint about Opportunistic Smokescreeen Behaviour, otherwise this is an incredible record full of all sorts of interesting parts, changes, and other things that make a record worth listening to more than once.  Talent is practically leaking out of the gate fold jacket (which is excellently decorated with collage art by Math.I). These guys are taking the noise rock genre into dare I say it…post-noise rock territory.  I hope fans of Touch and Go, Hydra Head, and Load are ready to set aside their differences, 'cuz when Gay Witch Abortion comes to town, there's gonna be some beard bumping going on….  Very heavy beard bumping. [Learning Curve]

-Arsenic Blare


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