Being a punk band a couple decades ago must've been tough.  Being a bummer punk band like Flipper, Stick Men With Rayguns, Drunks With Guns, or Feedtime (Gentlemen's fellow countrymen) must've been even tougher.  Getting people to care about ugly, repetitive, shit-fi music isn't an easy task.  That's one reason why I admire the people who go about making ugly, repetitive, shit-fi music.  They're literally making this music for themselves and, only in some cases, for the very few others who give two shits about it.  Gentlemen, along with the Lamps, Shaved Women, Francis Harold and the Holograms, Pissed Jeans, Watery Love, and a half-dozen or so others are admirable.  They make the kind of ugly, bleak noise rock I need in my life.  The kind that's equally influenced by the aforementioned bands and side two of My War.  I couldn't tell ya exactly why I wanna hear this kind of music, it's just in my blood.  What I do know is that my blood boils every time I hear of a new band creating this raw, uncompromising, completely unmarketable kind of rock'n'roll (a key distinction—this is not just noise).  If you put a thermometer under my tongue while I was listening to Sex Tape Demo I surely would've shot mercury all over the wall, and that's not all.  Ok, maybe that's all.  Regardless, if the name dropping I did in this stupid review got you excited, you'll climax your mind over this tape.  Someone please press it into vinyl already.  Tapes are so 2010.  Gentlemen prefer blondes and vinyl. [Self-Released]

-Arsenic Blare

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