I’m tiring of the “super-group” shit that everyone throws around when referring to a group that is made up of people in OK bands.  I gave the OOGA BOOGAS record a bigger chance than most, mainly because I like one or two of the “OK” bands involved.  Enough. This record is…. well…. OK.  It continues the Aussie tradition of being so clever that it starts to sap some of the visceral nature of the tunes and that’s a bummer, but it really does come up with some nice turns. The vocal turnaround in "FYI" and the synth-head to "Studio of My Mind" are something like late Stranglers played through Soft Cell’s equipment, and I’m buying that watermelon on the side of the road for sure. "Oogie Boogie II" has Robyn Hitchcock’s hands under its skirt for sure and the boys don’t do too bad a job at the Soft Boys impersonation.  "Ecstasy" is a surprise favorite for me just because of how loose and slimy it is. The elasticity of some of these songs are the true strength of this record and the guitar playing on this cut especially is magic.

The only thing that really makes me wanna turn this record off is when it goes into the familiar place we expect it to like on "It is a Sign" and when it comes off as a half-baked inside joke, like on "Sex in the Chillzone." Yeah, that’s the name of the song. I’m sure you’re starting to catch my drift.

This is a good record and I ain’t mad actcha, Oooga Boogas. It is, however, frustrating to be given a taste of the Filet Mignon and then pointed towards the buffet. [Aarght!]

-Alan Price

You can buy their first album by clicking here!

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