THE DESPERATE BICYCLES “The Medium Was Tedium” b/w “Don’t Back The Front
THE DESPERATE BICYCLES “Smokescreen” b/w “Handlebars”

These singles go for a fortune when you can find them so I was happy to see that they were being reissued/bootlegged. Happiness short lived. These sound like shit. Save your money. I wish I had. [Refill]



FUZZ “This Time I Got A Reason”  b/w “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream”
I know it’s not easy to get worked up over a 7” these days. The expense alone makes it an easy medium to forget. But this not-so-mystery group, “allegedly” made up of Ty Segall and Charlie Moonhart, has put out something worth owning. Both tracks are slightly heavier than what you would expect from Segall and even more psychedelic. “This Time I Got A Reason” is a Sabbath/Blue Cheer love letter that shouldn’t end. It’s the perfect match... This is how rock and roll should sound. “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream” hooks you with heavy syrup from The Summer of Love, kicks into a frantic frenzy and lets you  come down easy with psychedelic licks that would make John Cipollina proud. Ty Segall fan or not, you need this. [Trouble In Mind]

MARK LANEGAN “Same Old Man” b/w KAREN DALTON “Same Old Man”
Light in the Attic has started a 7” series that pairs current artists with their roster of reissue artists to cover one of the latter’s songs. The A-side is the cover and the B-side is the original. The second release in the series couples Mark Lanegan and Karen Dalton. An interesting marriage since each artist is known for his/her haunting delivery. Dalton’s original is a banjo-based tale of desolation and despair delivered in Dalton’s signature Appalachian Billie Holiday ache. Lanegan does the song justice by adding strings and burying the banjo, giving “Same Old Man” a Middle Eastern sound that floats beneath Lanegan’s gravel baritone. A must have for Lanegan completists but hard to justify the price of entry since you’re only getting one new song. [Light In The Attic]

THE LASTERS Minimum Viable Product 7” EP
Had to mention The Lasters’ Minimum Viable Product in case you missed it. I don’t know dick about this band but I do know that this four song 7” EP should be at the top of your wish list. Why? Because The Lasters create good, stupid rock ’n’ roll fun that can’t get loud enough and I want more. This is the shit that Titus Andronicus and Fucked Up think they’re making. Not even close, boys. [Futilitarian Records c/o In The Red Records]


METZ “Negative Space” b/w “Automat”
Everyone loves METZ. And what’s not to love? The Canadian trio brings back the punishment that Touch & Go and AmRep provided in the nineties. This is the third of their 7” trilogy released on We Are Busy Bodies. I was lucky enough to grab this before the shit hit the fan. Definitely worth tracking down if you dig this band because “Negative Space” just might hit harder than anything off their self-titled Sub Pop debut. My ears are ringing just thinking about it. The flip side doesn’t soften much. “Automat” pays homage to Chrome and gets it right.  Pray for a reissue. [We Are Busy Bodies]

PINK REASON “Ache For You” b/w “Darken Daze”
I love Pink Reason in the same way I love bands like Joy Division and The Replacements. Kevin Failure writes a song that gets inside you. He has the ability to create music that connects both personally and emotionally. It’s a compliment well deserved. Pink Reason’s latest finds Failure recording for his own label and working with members of Psychedelic Horseshit, TV Ghost and Eat Skull. The result is a couple of obscure cover songs that are played relatively straight ahead.  Both are a stripped down departure from Failure’s previous releases. “Ache For You” is an uptempo screamer, greased by Shawn Beckering’s tight bass playing and delivered like it was written by Failure. He definitely feels it and so will you.  If I still made mixed tapes for chicks, this track would easily make the cut. “Darken Daze” slows things down a la Johnny Thunders. It’s a song that would comfortably feel at home on So Alone.  [Savage Quality]

ULTRAS S/C !4!7 Roberts Ave b/w My Own Microphone
This is Jemina Pearl’s new project that finds her back in Nashville paired up with Ben Swank (Soledad Brothers) and Chet Weise (Immortal Lee County Killers).  I’m in love with side A. “!4!7 Roberts” is an in-your-face, non-stop drive that pushes Pearl’s angst to 11 while the  boys just keep kicking behind her with a beat and a guitar explosion that screetches, swirls and screams. It’s near perfection. While not bad, the flip side comes a little too close to Boss Hog. That must be Weise’s influence since Immortal Lee County Killers definitely wore their Pussy Galore/Jon Spencer fix on their sleeves. [Cass Records]

-Troy Brookins

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