Before listening, I’d heard enough estimations of this Puerto Rican band of soundscapers to keep me away.  I read the phrase “prime sonic real estate" and an account that referred to a “distant shimmer of a reverb-drenched guitar…” After playing Redness Moon a few times, nothing succeeded in clearing it from the playlist, this finely paced slab of indescribable music, where the songs melt into each other. And yes, there is reverb on the guitar, when it is used, and I’m not sure if the so-called sonic real estate is prime, but I think its value has increased immeasurably with this. There’s a touch of Ummagumma Floyd in there, but that’s too simple. And I’d like to say they tip the hat to the Jonestown Massacre-People’s Temple school of 60s retread, but it’s more in terms of sentiment than sound. Give me a band that makes me struggle for descriptive analogies and I’ll keep listening. Terrific record. [Last Bummer]


Buy it here from the band direct!

REDNESS MOON - FANTASMES - (MUSIC FILM) from Last Bummer Records on Vimeo.

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