ICEAGE You’re Nothing CD/LP

Denmark’s post-punk darlings drop their sophomore effort and pick up where they left off—delivering spikes of angst ridden anthemic glory reeking of youth and nihilism in under thirty minutes. It doesn’t matter who or what, it’s always Iceage against the world and singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt won’t let you forget it. On “Wounded Hearts” he spits out “We don’t belong here/Nowhere to deport/And sometimes I wonder/If everything is lost/And sometimes I don’t care/No tangible worth.” This disaffected theme is repeated in “Coalition” where Rønnenfelt cries “Somehow things are still not lost/But I sure feel alienated/Is their flesh disintegrated/These days I’m numb and faded/Something denies coalition with you.” Most can relate, having suffered such feelings in our youth where it felt like everything and nothing mattered at the same time and it was bands like Iceage who let us know that we were not alone. [Matador]

-Troy Brookins


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