BLUT AUS NORD 777: Cosmosophy CD

Final album in the 777 trilogy and so far the only one I've heard in its entirety... an odd place to begin perhaps but I don`t feel like I'm at a disadvantage dropping in at this point but maybe I'll feel different once I put it in the context of the first two. Anyway, we have a major piece of art here, something that has obviously been labored over and detailed to the nth degree by someone with a broad vision and the creativity to see his musings made real. While dense and complex, I still can tell that an album of this sort has been made possible to achieve by a single person by the massive advances in home recording technology of the last 20 years—not to belittle the achievement of the one who is known as Vindsval here, but this sort of thing is starting to drop more frequently, just check the Indricothere album by Colin Marsden from Krallice, or the other great and recent French Black Metal trilogy by Deathspell Omega. So... what does it sound like? Well, not especially heavy or brutal, very Goth in feel, and it's not too much of a stretch that Vindsval mentions the cult French doom/prog legends Magma. Still, there is yin and yang, dark and light (well, okay, the balance tilts to dark!), a little bit of everything here... I've played this for many people with differing tastes and most people are somewhat  surprised that this is tagged as Black metal, which just shows you how wide open this genre is these days. Being open to this is recommended. [Season of Mist]

-Mike Stender

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