whitefenceOriginally released in 2010 on Make A Mess Records, Tim Presley’s White Fence debut quickly went out of print, became very desirable and started to fetch outrageous amounts of cash. Fortunately, the folks at Drag City have reissued this vinyl only gem on their new imprint God?. If you’ve been smart enough to pick up any of Presley’s solo output over the last few years, or his excellent collaboration with Ty Segall, you know that you’re getting a healthy dose of lo-fi psych that hits in all the right places; it’s sometimes laid back and dreamy, often explosive, frequently fragmented and surprisingly accessible. As a collection, it’s some of the strongest material released by any of the hyper-prolific musicians today. Presley’s music has the ability to transfix, causing your thoughts to get caught up and drift along with the music until you’re smacked back to reality by the sound of fuzz soaked guitar chords or a punchy two-minute track like “Baxter Corner” which sounds like it fell off some long lost Swell Maps record.  Some people are bothered by the brevity of many White Fence songs but there’s always a strong sense of cohesiveness on any White Fence project that the succession of shorter songs mixed with a few that top the three-minute mark never interrupt the flow or momentum that Presley creates. Instead of seeming manic, it makes sense. Would you dismiss Double Nickels on the Dime for the same reason? I would hope not. There’s never an instance where a song sounds like a quick toss off that found a home or unfinished, it all comes together as a collection that has been carefully chosen so that each part makes sense. It’s the beauty of White Fence and the genius of Tim Presley. [God?]

-Troy Brookins


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