2015 Q1 Report on OBNOX

SPLIT BRAIN EXPERIENCE Vol. 1 w/Christian D. Breit and Maximal E. Meizer reporting:

OBNOX, aka Lamont “Bim” Thomas, has been making records since all but the hippest millennials were rocking out with the Wiggles. Seriously, do a cursory internet soul-search and you’ll see names such as V3, Bassholes, This Moment in Black History, Puffy Areolas, etc…. A veritable timeline/primer of crucial OH rockers’ rock dating back to the 1st Clinton administration.

But Obnox doesn’t play your standard strict fisted, genre-choking “garage" rock. Instead his LPs play like good mix tapes where the dynamic is in the flow of the songs from A-side to B-side sequence. For those of you keeping score, word on the streets is that this here music is called Ohio Trunk-Punk and we have no qualms against perpetuating the myth of what very well should be an inside joke.

obnox.knowOBNOX Know America (Ever/Never)

Perhaps the most mix tape of the two LPs covered here, given the premise of (stoner) AM radio-hijackery that permeates this album. Regardless, this should appeal to the discerning consumer who would appreciate Faust (IV-era, obviously) unpretentiously jamming with the timbre and production of Andre Williams’, Silky LP. Bim’s pleasantly-nasal crooning blends well with the lurching primal-fuzz rock guitar and heavy four-on-the-floor hypno-drum beats and the more adventurous 808-laden bowel-blaster tracks.


Choice Cuts: “Grease”; “Menocause”; “Freaky”; “Loudpack”

Extra Bonus Track: “LSD” by Muamin Collective


Front cover art for the LP, Boogalou Reed by Obnox on 12xU Record labelOBNOX  Boogalou Reed (12XU)

Thinking person’s party music that eschews lyric-sheets in favor of overloaded tape production and atmospheric acid-toned guitar and drum heaviness. Songs/ideas flow for an appropriate time length and feature layers of dense production that will keep your ears at full attention. If you play this loud enough you’ll earn instant street-cred and, if you’re lucky, you’ll even feel your viscera turn to goo. Recommended for fans of Dålek and the Oblivians.


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