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TYVEK Nothing Fits CD/LP

Tyvek is the band the Tri-Lambs and Omega Mus should have started for the Talent Show in Revenge of the Nerds, and whether the nerds would have charmed the audience with their sounds or sent them running away in fear and panic is a moot point. Some are calling this their best release yet, and […]

Timmy's Organism

TIMMY'S ORGANISM Rise of The Green Gorilla CD/LP

The Cloney-D’s drew blood on Jupiter. Human Eye opened up the salamandoors. Timmy’s Organism, we-he-he-hell! The terrific news here is that this is some of Timmy V. Lampinen’s finest work to date, a sonic summit of gorilla gardens and impregnated Martian Queens where the frenetic post-apocalyptic skree-punk of the Clone Defects meets the interstellar Ursa […]



I am starting to suspect that Drugs Dragons might be dabbling in marijuana and/or 4-Loko… but that’s mere speculation on my part. Perhaps they’re simply into macrobiotics and light cardio workouts. Either way, whatever regimen they’ve employed is paying off in dividends of glorious noise-pound skree reminiscent of Touch and Go’s early 90s heyday. And […]


WIZZARD SLEEVE: Codeine-Sharting in the Confederate Glue Goth Tard Wave Pool

Wizzard Sleeve is not for everyone. The vast majority of Hipsterslovakian provincials in remote outposts like, say, Brooklyn, aren’t hip enough, or, more to the point, they’re so hip, they’re unhip. Negative and/or condescendingly (“Can you believe these guys are from Alabama? That’s CRAZY!”) dismissive reviews of Wizzard Sleeve’s debut album, written in prose redolent […]


NOBUNNY: The Horniness of The Long-Distance Rabbit

The tabloids are full of rumors that Nobunny is, in "real life," this friend of mine named Justin Champlin. Fair enough—and it is a little strange how you never see the two in the same place at the same time—but it's more fun to imagine Nobunny as some kind of inter-planetary being—hailing from some magical […]