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I'M NOT THERE directed by Todd Haynes

Twenty minutes into this film, I was taking my hat off to Todd Haynes for breaking the curse of the stagnant rock biopic. Making an actor go through the paces as Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Ian Curtis, et al. gets to be a fucking bore, (although I'm still waiting for Tobey Maguire's take on G.G. […]


CONTROL directed by Anton Corbijn

There's a certain creepy allure to rock star biopics, especially ones that showcase a performer with hipster cult status like an Ian Curtis. Music fans usually attain satisfaction watching this kind of album jacket art representation. Curtis' dingy and tortured life recreated for us in a glorious nihilistic black and white grain pattern dozens of […]

East of Sunset DVD review [MVD]

Film / Video Reviews East of Sunset DVD review [MVD] By Feb 14, 2007, 09:26 --> EAST OF SUNSET directed by Brian McNelis; Eclectic DVD, 2005 Within the first fifteen minutes of this independent feature, I was pretty sure I was going to hate it. It had in fact, right out of the gate, struck […]

Cut Shorts DVD review [MVD]

Film / Video ReviewsCut Shorts DVD review [MVD] By Jan 24, 2007, 22:22 CUT SHORTS: A Collection of Short Films and Music Videos by David Markey 1974-2004 DVD Cut Shorts is a DVD that allows us to look back through the career of an independent filmmaker. Often with compilations of this nature one has to […]


Book FeaturesFEAR AND TILE FONDLING IN BLOOMINGTON, MN: A Scrabble Asshole's Journal By Oct 23, 2006, 02:00 Scrabble reached some kind of geek-ass hipster apex in the early part of this new millennium. Contributing to this plague: internet Scrabble software, ESPN televising Scrabble competitions, the publication of Word Freak, by Stephen Fatsis, and even a […]

AMERICAN HARDCORE: THE HISTORY OF PUNK ROCK 1980 - 1986 directed by Paul Rachman; Sony Pictures Classics, 2006

At some point in his life, I'm guessing, Henry Rollins took a toastmaster class. He learned how to tell a story, gesticulate expressively, enunciate with a drill instructor's aggression, and then yap on and on about his sausage-headed self. I walked out of the documentary American Hardcore wishing that he could just shut the fuck […]

4 (FOUR) directed by Ilya Khrjanovsky

Film / Video Reviews4 (FOUR) directed by Ilya Khrjanovsky By Nov 20, 2006, 17:46 4 (FOUR) directed by Ilya Khrjanovsky; Leisure Time Features, 2006 Something disastrously dangerous is going on in Russia, a post-Glasnost, post-USSR, mythical variety of collapse. The recent film-festival favorite 4, embraces that breakdown. Imagine the Brothers Grimm, each brother's mutated flesh […]