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100 FLOWERS s/t LP

If 100 Flowers’ discography is relatively small, even when added to their early, more primal work as the Urinals, it deserves to be held up on the same level with the best of Wire, Gang of Four and any thoughtful early-era punks you could name — a fact now becoming clear to a broader/younger audience […]



Steak without eggs; ham, hold the cheese; pork chops and, no thanks on the apple sauce today: Mount Carmel’s Real Women is rock qua rock, real Detroit muscle (one state removed), and nothing else (qua nothing else). One listen to Matt Reed’s burnished bellow and you’ll know he’s as born to this rock as Fogerty […]

Mountains + Valleys cassette cover

MICHAEL BEACH Mountains + Valleys CS

Gonna refrain from mentioning that Mountains + Valleys is originally a cassette release, out of the fear that would suggest a fringe-skating metal or noise workout (though maybe that’s just my own format-bias at play, so please, ignore me). Rather, Mountains + Valleys is an accomplished EP-length release that slides between stylistically varied but expertly […]



I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with this TV Ghost record. After several listens straight through it just wasn’t taking shape, it seemed all over the place in a way that was not parallel with their previously demonstrated mania. Then I realized it was my fault. Rather, my computer’s, an error of the current […]


SIC ALPS Napa Asylum CD/LP

Out of your speakers spills the new Sic Alps, out and onto the floor, splashing around your feet, up to your ankles, tossing worn clothes over your chair, unfurling like fast-moving slow-motion kudzu over your old records and countertops. Suddenly it’s everywhere, and you wonder if you’re crashing at their place when all along it […]


SUN CITY GIRLS Funeral Mariachi CD/LP

In the end, Sun City Girls let us down easy. And reeaal pretty. It’s too much to consider, and too soon as well, trying to place this record in SCG’s continuum. But Funeral Mariachi, the final studio album from these three demon-kings—made with late drummer Charles Gocher and prepared for release after his 2007 death—is […]



What's missing here? This is the new album from Nick Cave's Badder Seeds, including Warren Ellis (Dirty 3), Martyn Casey and NYC demigod Jim Sclavunos. Formidable presences all. The album should be good, it is good, it sounds good, it's impressive. It's not really that good. Maybe 2 is an overly tidy encapsulation of Cave's […]

Smith Westerns LP reviewed by Mike Wolf

Music Reviews Smith Westerns LP reviewed by Mike Wolf By Nov 29, 2009, 17:37 --> SMITH WESTERNS LP It's a shame this Chicago quartet is bound to get lost among the throngs of other frayed and spirited garage-pop bands that everyone seems to be noticing all sort of a sudden. What's that? There's a bidding […]

High On Fire Dials Direct to God

Music FeaturesHigh On Fire Dials Direct to God By May 1, 2000, 15:14 It was stoner-rock night at Austin, Texas's Emo's during South by Southwest 2000. The room was crowded with dazed-looking long hairs, overly tattooed goons, and surprisingly, more than just a few women (one myth out the window). Billowing smoke drifted through the […]