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GORGOROTH Black Mass Krakow 2004 DVD

Back in 2004, black metallers Gorgoroth put on a show in Poland. Somehow or other, they got their evil little hands on about 50 sheep heads which they impaled on stakes or left strewn randomly about the stage. They also convinced 4 people (2 women and 2 men) to hang naked from crosses, hooded and […]



Voiture is a DVD documenting French band Cheveu's 2006 tour of the Eastern US and Canada. I had previously only known Cheveu as pals of the great Tyvek (with whom they share a split 7”), but by the end of the DVD, I was a bona fide fan. Much of the DVD content is not […]


SID AND NANCY directed by Alex Cox DVD (Criterion Ed.)

Punk rock was a glass teetering at the edge of a table; an anticipatory moment when everyone knew something would happen—the glass was going to fall, but none knew when or by whose hand. Perhaps it wouldn't shatter, but rather fall right through the floor. The resurgence of interest in this explosive moment has fostered […]



The latest entry in the Quentin Tarantino wannabe canon is an item called Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead, an ugly, derivative film about honor among thieves that is way too smug and clever for its own good. I've written in the past that Tarantino is a talented and extremely entertaining writer/director whose […]


I'M NOT THERE directed by Todd Haynes

Twenty minutes into this film, I was taking my hat off to Todd Haynes for breaking the curse of the stagnant rock biopic. Making an actor go through the paces as Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Ian Curtis, et al. gets to be a fucking bore, (although I'm still waiting for Tobey Maguire's take on G.G. […]


YOU WEREN'T THERE: A HISTORY OF CHICAGO PUNK, 1977-1984 directed by Joe Lasurdo and Chris Tillman

The number of books written about the international punk explosion of the late 70s/early 80s is exhaustive—nearly every rock overturned and every “crazy” story explained matter-of-factly. From LA to NYC to London, punk rock grew from a lifestyle to simply life for many wayward young people. In You Weren't There: A History of Chicago Punk, […]


CONTROL directed by Anton Corbijn

There's a certain creepy allure to rock star biopics, especially ones that showcase a performer with hipster cult status like an Ian Curtis. Music fans usually attain satisfaction watching this kind of album jacket art representation. Curtis' dingy and tortured life recreated for us in a glorious nihilistic black and white grain pattern dozens of […]


The Who - Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 reviewed by Dave Rick

I love New York. Just knowing all the things you can do and see is almost as great as actually doing or seeing 'em. Naturally, it follows that I rarely have the time, dough or energy enough to indulge my desires. You gotta prioritize, right? So, I'm glad I managed to squeeze my ever-widening butt into a plush plastic seat at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater.

The Mae Shi DVD review [5RC]

Film / Video Reviews The Mae Shi DVD review [5RC] By May 1, 2007, 05:34 --> THE MAE SHI Lock The Skull, Load The Gun DVD The first DVD from Los Angeles' wind-em-up-and-watch-em-go punkers, The Mae Shi, is a hyper-paced double feature. Exhibit A is a 45-minute long carnival ride through thirty video treatments of […]

Vertigo FILM review

Film / Video Reviews Vertigo FILM review By Apr 24, 2007, 03:56 --> VERTIGO directed by Alfred Hitchcock Like most of Hitchcock's work the actual plot of Vertigo is secondary. In fact, the story in its entirety is virtually the famed Hitchcock McGuffin. That is, all the films' various mysteries and twists are merely devices […]