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I’m tiring of the “super-group” shit that everyone throws around when referring to a group that is made up of people in OK bands.  I gave the OOGA BOOGAS record a bigger chance than most, mainly because I like one or two of the “OK” bands involved.  Enough. This record is…. well…. OK.  It continues […]

Mountains + Valleys cassette cover

MICHAEL BEACH Mountains + Valleys CS

Gonna refrain from mentioning that Mountains + Valleys is originally a cassette release, out of the fear that would suggest a fringe-skating metal or noise workout (though maybe that’s just my own format-bias at play, so please, ignore me). Rather, Mountains + Valleys is an accomplished EP-length release that slides between stylistically varied but expertly […]

Black Tusk


With the sunshine-y days waning and bowing to the lengthened nights and the Harvest Moon well behind it is time to shut oneself in for lengthened periods of time and delve deeper and deeper into our favorite homestead habits. For myself, as you may have guessed, that means the music input is doubled and the […]