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While consulting Mr. Google about Las Ardillas, I found an article all about the fauna of Puerto Rico, wherein there was this: “A species of mongoose (mangosta) thrives in the countryside. They are often referred to incorrectly as ardillas (squirrels). Some learn to approach humans for food scraps. They should not be fed and it […]


DEAD LUKE Meanwhile....In The Midwest LP

It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever. So said David St. Hubbins and Nigel Tufnel.  For some reason, this quote has relevance while wrapping the heart-brain around Dead Luke’s second album. You wonder if the whole “swirling reverbed, layered” sonic-psychedelic Dagwood sandwich has run its course, if stuff like this is gonna be […]


THE SPITS (Fifth Album) CD/LP

The Spits—the brothers Sean and Erin Wood and a rotating cast of drummers and keyboard players—have been a band for seventeen years now. Granted, it has only been the last ten years since they’ve steadily released records (the seven years before that spent producing absurd, strange, and hilarious productions for cable access television), but the […]

mannequin men


If you’ve never spent much time in the Middle Western United States, the thing you need to understand is that there are literally hundreds of bands in this part of the world trying and failing at doing what Mannequin Men have tried and succeeded at with their latest album.  Whereas all these hamandeggers graduated from […]


DRUGS DRAGON The Milorganight 12" EP

Wisconsin’s Puke, Sagger, Mildew, and Chapelle (now that would be a law firm!) return (so soon?) like a grown-up Emil Minty (you know, the Feral Kid from Road Warrior?) leading the Great Northern Tribe to hurl boomerangs, sodomize, and howl their way through the ruins of the Wisconsin governor’s mansion until all that’s left is […]


THE OOPS Taste of Zimbabwe CD/LP

Now that bands like Off!, Cola Freaks, and Loose Dudes are making Capital-P Punk Rock something palatable/worthwhile/entertaining/relevant/what-have-you again for those of us who don’t come into the proverbial city from the proverbial burbs in our finest punky accouterments (with “’77” stitched on the backs of our neatly pressed jean jackets and everything!), I’d like to […]



Not content with simply putting the Sunshine State on the musical map for rock and roll jerks the whole world over, Florida’s Dying comes through again by reaching all the way to the opposite side of the continent to Vancouver, the home of Dead Ghosts, who deliver a debut album of sweet, sweet sway and […]

beefheart WEB

Also, a tin teardrop. On the passing of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART

"Once you've heard Beefheart, it's hard to wash him out of your clothes. It stains, like coffee or blood." -Tom Waits Don Van Vliet, better known to music fans everywhere as Captain Beefheart, died last month after a lengthy battle with Multiple Sclerosis. While his death was certainly not unexpected, and the man hasn’t recorded […]


TYVEK Nothing Fits CD/LP

Tyvek is the band the Tri-Lambs and Omega Mus should have started for the Talent Show in Revenge of the Nerds, and whether the nerds would have charmed the audience with their sounds or sent them running away in fear and panic is a moot point. Some are calling this their best release yet, and […]

Timmy's Organism

TIMMY'S ORGANISM Rise of The Green Gorilla CD/LP

The Cloney-D’s drew blood on Jupiter. Human Eye opened up the salamandoors. Timmy’s Organism, we-he-he-hell! The terrific news here is that this is some of Timmy V. Lampinen’s finest work to date, a sonic summit of gorilla gardens and impregnated Martian Queens where the frenetic post-apocalyptic skree-punk of the Clone Defects meets the interstellar Ursa […]