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RAMLEH Circular Time COVER

RAMLEH Circular Time 2xCD

Comparisons are odious, but what the hell are you gonna do? Ramleh is one of those bands who has no business being unknown to the ears of experimental music fans. What I mean to say is, Ramleh have been releasing music for 35 years, all of it great and unique unto itself and mostly unheard. […]


THE SEX REVOLTS: GENDER, REBELLION AND ROCK'N' ROLL by Simon Reynolds and Joy Press; Harvard University Press, 1995

The combination of music criticism and cultural studies rarely produces anything of relevance to the meaning of music. Even when the combination succeeds, the outcome is usually about as artistic a statement as demonstrating the ability to swallow one's own tail. Cultural studies is about consumption, art is about creation. The Sex Revolts is an […]